Have you ever heard that phrase…”We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”? I’ve heard it…I’ve said it. Usually it’s in response to something dire…or in response to something we don’t know yet…in response to the “but, what if…?” Some people can’t live in the moment because they live in the “but, what-if…?” Decisions are hard to come by, even when there is concrete assurance given pertaining the matter.

But, what if…?

What comes to mind is that movie, The Wizard of Oz. They had a whole lot of “but, what if…?” moments. One of the instances is when the Wizard tells them to bring back the witches broomstick in order to prove their worthiness to be helped by him. Tin Man tells the Wizard that they’d have to kill her to get it. The Wizard tells them to “Go!”. Then Lion chimes in with, “But-but what if she kills us first?”

I suppose half the time, the reasoning for the “but, what if…?” is because we think it’s a legitimate “need-to-know-now” question that will reinforce our initial fear or fears about moving forward, giving us an unyielding reason not to. But why do we need to know now? I think God tells us what we need to know, when we need to know it (if we’re listening). Otherwise knowing now, what is intended for later could jeopardize our complete and compliant willingness to walk in obedience in the present moment of command.

Perhaps, how He’s going to meet the need of that which is yet to come is so intellectually outlandish that our finite minds refuse to believe that He’ll actually meet us there and that it’ll be just as He’s said. A prime example of a combination of all this is Exodus 13:21-14:31. If you’ve never read it, you should go and read it…and if you have, you should read it again and think about how intellectually conflicting everything God did to rescue his people was.

I had a friend send me an encouraging email the other day. The whole idea behind the email was trusting in the Lord. She talked about the idea of things we trust in…things that have the possibility of being dangerous, disastrous, unpredictable, making no sense. For example, she talked about concrete bridges…how they’re huge, heavy slabs of concrete built and suspended high in the air meant to sustain weight and movement. The idea in the beginning was probably questionable, but people took a chance trusting the bridge builders, the engineers, the designers enough to at least try it out. As we cross one bridge, we realize we survived and the next bridge is not so hard to cross. We become comfortable enough with the idea that we fearlessly cross bridge after bridge with no thought of the bridge potentially crumbling to the ground as soon as we’re in the middle of it. It’s like second nature to cross the next bridge because we remember how the first, second and third bridges held up just fine.

When I read this, I thought about the times I’ve taken chances, just for the thrill of it, to drive a little faster on a high, curving bridge, to walk on bridges that were falling apart, had water rushing over certain parts of it, would sway almost at the thought of crossing it, boards gone, ropes tattered. My thrill came with the chance-taking.

Why can’t I, at the very least, get a thrill out of taking these doubtless chances with the Creator who sees all, hears all, knows all and who holds my hand? It is He, who leads, guides, directs and regardless of the circumstance, will never fail me.

But, what if…?

It’s not always easy changing how we see things. We have to make that choice. If we can get to where we see things by the Spirit…where we can see the victory, the deliverance, the end from the beginning or at least from the present, and trust in His Word and promises, the “but, what if’s…?” will fade away because we KNOW.

Our hope is in Him.

We know that our God is with us and has not forsaken us or left us or abandoned us.